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XL Future Leaders Collaboration with BSLC Training Class

XLXL Future Leaders is an Indonesian Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program designed to develop leaders that are socially informed, creative, and confident by providing high quality learning resources for young people across Indonesia.

This time XL Future Leaders collaborate with BSLC to conduct a workshop to stimulate their leadership skills within. The workshop was about thinking tools which focused on critical thinking process to generate new ideas and innovation. As a leader, we are expected to be able to think critically and yield new ideas, this is where tools like this are come in handy.

Thinking further, to be leaders we have to develop good hard skills, yet soft skills. In campus, we are provided with knowledge and education which fulfill our hard skills, but to develop good soft skills we have to learn it by experience, either working as a team, leading a team, giving presentation, and so on.

Fortunately, BINUS has provide us with tons of student organization, which can be a platform for us to develop our soft skills, and also lots of great online courses out there that are free for us to gain knowledge from experienced people.

Lastly, let us take all of this opportunities and start building our own future!

This article was written by Alvin Kristanto

More resources:

XL has provided many leadership development, two of them are XL Global Leaders Program (http://www.xlfutureleaders.com/global-leaders/) and an online courses called XL E-Learn (http://elearn.xlfutureleaders.com/) which can help your leadership development.