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All of the university students must be had their own story about their own lecture in classroom.  Some of them are funny, some of them are good or maybe, some of them are very strict, perfectionist, etc. But, here are some “unique” lecture from around the world. Not only unique because of their personality, but also from their performance,

  1. Kazuhiro Sugiura

Kazuhiro Sugiura is a professor in Keio University’s Graduate School of Media Design and Otaku Culture. He’s very unique because he likes to wear a cosplay costume.  He said that using a formal suite is boring and he already did that since 1996. Not only a male costume, but sometimes he also like to wear a female costume.

  1. Vitaly Nachaev

Vitaly Nacahev is a lecture in Ukraine. He is actually one of the youngest lecture in the world because he’s just 9 years old and become the lecture in Cherkassy National University as a history teacher. He also had a great skill in teaching and able to teach them in a fresh way. But, one of the funny thing is when he teach in classroom he has to stand on a chair because he’s not tall enough to reach the whiteboard. All of the students are happy and understand about the material that he told them. How can he become so smart? He said he likes to read the encyclopedia about geography and history.3

  1. Pietro Boselli

He’s the most handsome lecture in the world. He teaches in University College of London as a Mathematic lecture. He’s actually the famous model and the famous designer. He’s able to be a lecture in 26 years old in his own university.4

  1. Dini Fronitasari

She’s one of the most beautiful lecture in Indonesia. She’s a lecture of Universitas Multimedia Nusantara and she teach calculus. She’s also like to create a close relationship with another students and like to be their friends. All of the students like her, not only because of her face (especially the boys), but also her personality and she methods of teaching.5